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Internationally recognized terms and conditions of access to and use of web pages.

The Use of All Data is made by Users of the Consumer Web Site, subject to the provisions of Section 9 of this Annex, free of charge, without any direct or indirect burden or obligation. It is however subject to the following conditions:

Clarification of concepts
“Website”: This site.

“Elements”: All data contained on the Site, such as, for example, any table, chart, information, report, analysis, text, photo and any other elements contained on the Site.

“User” and “Consumer”: means any visitor to the Site who makes use of the facilities offered for a transfer contract for a fee.

“Use”: access, study, advice, storage or other recording in memory or other magnetic or non-magnetic media, installation, projection in any way, mechanical or otherwise, including printing, of Site Elements.

“Beneficiary” and “Enterprise”: means Konstantinos Tosonoglou of Panagiotis, The creator of the Site and all of the Data contained therein, as well as a legal licensee for the use of any of the Elements that are not its original intellectual creations.

Ownership and copyright
All rights to and from the Data are owned solely by the Beneficiary and / or the legally listed partners unless expressly stated otherwise. The Beneficiary in any case retains its intellectual, as any other, rights in such data, as well as in all subsequent copies thereof, in any form.

Licensing of the Data is governed by the terms set forth herein. Each user is permitted to use the texts and the general information contained on the site, either in part or in part, on the express condition that they indicate in any way whatsoever the Beneficiary’s name (Konstantinos Tosounoglou of Panagiotis) Or the Author of the text, as well as the name of the website (www. Cosmostravel .gr) which is the source of the information. However, it is forbidden in any way and for any purpose Use and exploitation of the texts and images contained on the website and are intellectual creations without the prior permission of their respective Beneficiary. For information on the authorization process for re-use of the data, please contact us at +30 2311 111250 or at this e-mail address and email:

Liability for Compensation
The details of the website are purely advisory and informative. Updated and modified continuously. The “Beneficiary-Enterprise” of the Elements is under no circumstances responsible for damages and / or remedies of any direct or indirect loss, damage or damage, even future. For matters relating to the contract of carriage for a fee see in the Annex to Article 9 hereof.

The Site contains material with promotional content. The “Beneficiary-Enterprise” accepts no liability whatsoever to the User-Consumers and any third parties for any illegal act, omission or inability to comply with the laws and regulations of the European Union and any country that may result from the content of the Advertisements.

The “Beneficiary-Enterprise” is not obliged to and does not examine the legality of the promotional material displayed on the Website (in addition to the obvious cases of infringement of rights that would be perceived by the average wise citizen) and should therefore not be imputed to him in any form responsibility. This responsibility lies with advertisers, creators and / or sponsors of the promotional material displayed.

Link to other email addresses
The Site provides direct access to other Web sites and / or e-mail addresses in the content of which the “Beneficiary-Enterprise” can not intervene and therefore bears no responsibility whatsoever for it and provides no guarantee whatsoever.

  1. Privacy
    The “Beneficiary-Enterprise” undertakes to use any personal data voluntarily provided by the “Users-Applicators” to it in a manner consistent with the Greek and Community Legislation and in order to improve the services it provides to the “Users-Consumers” Or to meet their needs, wishes and expectations. The “Beneficiary-Enterprise” has taken every possible measure to ensure that the provided information of the registered user-consumer is kept confidential in accordance with applicable Greek law, in particular Law 2472/1997 on the protection of personal data.In particular:7.1 Acceptance of registration termsThe registration of the “User-Consumer” on the Website constitutes the explicit acceptance and consent of the Participant to keep and process its data from the “Beneficiary-Business” for the purposes of the website.7.2 Right to informationThe registered User-Consumer has the right to request a copy of the personal information held by the Website and to request their correction in the event of an error. In this case, a reasonable consideration for them may be charged, in accordance with the law. In this case, please the registered User-Consumer contact the The “Beneficiary-Enterprise” will attempt to respond as quickly as possible to the modification, correcting the User-User’s personal information.7.3 Right to deleteThe registered User-Consumer has the right to request the deletion of any personal information held for him / her. In this case clarifications are provided at And the “Beneficiary-Enterprise” will attempt to respond as soon as possible to this deletion.Consequences:
    Use, republication, circulation. Or in any other way, even future, exploitation of the Elements that are artistic creations without the prior permission of the Beneficiary implies a series of civil and criminal sanctions, in particular from Law 2121/1993 on Intellectual Property as Valid, , Article 60 of the CPA. As well as other special laws.Annex on how services are provided:
    A’. Proactive”Beneficiary-Enterprise” provides professional safe travel services for a taxi (taxi). The “Beneficiary-Enterprise” offers online reservation and prepayment of a taxi service for passengers “Users-Consumers” via the www. Cosmostravel .grFor business purposes there is a 24-hour call center at +30 2311 111250 and the official website
    The provision of professional transport services is done in accordance with Greek law.
    It is mandatory before the start of any booking process with the online ‘Reseller-Enterprise’ booking system that the User-Consumers be assured that they have read and understood all terms and conditions of transportation as they will govern any subsequent contract.
    B ‘. Products and servicesThe “Beneficiary-Enterprise” provides taxi transfer services in the region of Central Macedonia, but not limited to Thessaloniki and Chalkidiki, 24 hours a day, through reservation and prepayment servicesThe person making a reservation should be over 18 years of age and be fully legally qualified according to the Civil Code.
    After the established procedures and once the details have been duly completed, the reservation can not be considered as active if the payment has not been completed.
    Once all the requested information as requested by the company has been completed followed by the payment, the company will proceed with the appropriate steps to carry out the contract transfer.
    Only when the booking agent representative, either for himself or for others, receives a confirmation voucher via e-mail or sending a short text message (sms), the contract of carriage is at Force.
    It is likely that within a short period of time, notices or remarks concerning details of the detention will be sent via email, which the detention representative must reply within a reasonable time.
    In any case where the passenger (s) are unable to contact the driver / s of the business. Or are faced with any other delay in their appointment with the drivers, they are obliged (the passengers) to contact the company and to inform about the problem they are facing. In the event that passengers do not notify the company, the latter can not be held responsible for the non-transfer.

C ‘. Prices and Payment Methods

Virtually all widely used payment methods are accepted, as indicated by, but not limited to:


American Express



Diners Club


All card payments are processed through Alpha Bank’s Alpha e-Commerce electronic payment platform and uses TLS 1.1 encryption with Secure Sockets Layer (SSL) encryption protocol. Encryption is a way to encode the information until it reaches its intended recipient, which will be able to decode it using the appropriate key.


D ‘. Reservation Changes

Procedures: It is possible after convenient communication (by telephone or electronically at +30 2311 111250 or to modify the requested reservation)

Fixed “Beneficiary-Enterprise” policy and respecting the unexpected incidents that may occur by changing the User-User program is that there is no charge or cost or fee for changing the transfer dates.

E ‘. Right of withdrawal under Law 2251/1994

The “User-Consumer” and the customer or the agent who organizes the details of the reservation have the right to withdraw and consequently to cancel their reservation, with 100% refund of their money within 14 days from the date of booking , Based on the Law 2251/1994 on Consumer Protection, as amended by the Joint Ministerial Decision Z1891 / 2013.

The date of receipt of the transfer service (reservation) is the date when the customer or agent received electronically the confirmation of the reservation by the company via e-mail or short text messaging.

Six. Cancel transfer

Procedures: It is possible to cancel the requested transfer by telephone or by e-mail at 2310600336 or The refund will be settled in accordance with the client’s order. A bank account of the card used to pay the reservation or a bank account that the client will formally announce to the business. Under no circumstances can a cash refund be made, Of the banking transactions (reservation and cancellation), according to the specifics set out below, weighs the “User-Consumer”.

Cancellation fees:

Fixed policy of the “Beneficiary-Enterprise” and respecting the unexpected incidents that may occur by changing the “User-Consumer” program is that there is no charge or cost or fee for canceling the transfer if the Beneficiary (Such as by phone: +30 2311 111250, fax +30 2311 111250, e-mail info @ cosmostravel or registered letter and / or private letter courier-financial company) at least 24 hours prior to transport. In the event of an advance payment for the transfer and subsequent cancellation, subject to the immediately below paragraph for cancellation within 24 hours, the “Beneficiary-Enterprise” returns the entire amount to the “User-Consumer” ie the customer or a legal representative Of detention procedures. In the case of reimbursement of the amount for the transfer, the “Beneficiary-Enterprise” shall deduct any amount that constitutes a commission or fee or exit from a bank or from a credit or money transfer company. Can not refund the transfer amount in cash. In the event of cancellation within 24 hours of the shipment, the “User-Consumer” is charged with the payment of the agreed amount for the transfer.

Z ‘. Policy changes

The “Beneficiary-Enterprise” may change any of the present terms without prior notice, by posting the new terms in an immediately accessible part of the site.


  1. Final terms
    10.1 Force Majeure.The “Beneficiary-Enterprise”, without prejudice to those listed in the appendix to Section 9 hereof, shall not be liable for delays in performance due to force majeure cases and shall be entitled to an extension of the execution time. Indicative examples include strikes, demonstrator strikes, terrorist acts, war, extraordinary traffic regulations, exchange rate fluctuations, governmental or legislative acts and natural disasters.10.2 Applicable Law – Jurisdiction – Legal TermsAll transactions you make through the “Company” are governed by International and Union Law, which regulates issues related to electronic commerce, as well as by the Greek Consumer Protection Act (Law 2251/1994, as currently in force) Regulates issues related to distance sales. Hereby the parties accept the submission of any disputes in mediation and, in particular, the choice of an Accredited Ombudsman of the Ministry of Justice, drawn up by ICRT-Greek ADRg. In the event of failure of mediation, the courts of the territorial jurisdiction of the Thessaloniki County Court and the Supreme Court of First Instance of Thessaloniki shall be expressly responsible here. Applicable is Greek law.10.3 The “Consumer-Consumers” reservation shall mean that:She has read and understood the terms here and unconditionally accepts them.Carriage for a fare is for its own consumption or for the person’s own consumption, dispatched and the further promotion and provision of services is prohibited.It is the “User-Consumer” obligation to accurately issue his or her personal data.He / she is the legal owner of the credit / debit card used for his transaction (in the case that he / she belongs to another, he / she has the consent of this for the transaction) and that the credit / debit card is not in any way canceled or banned Its use.The e-mail address, which is stated and used belongs to the “User-User”, is accurate and active.Keeping the confidentiality of his / her password is the sole responsibility of the “User-Consumer” and will not allow any other use of this.The “Beneficiary Business” reserves the right not to accept the “User-Consumer” booking.It guarantees the secure use of the site from its computer for the transmission of viruses.

The user-consumer link to the online store is at the “User-Consumer” risk in terms of the possibility of causing any damage to his computer and his software (from any virus transmission) he knows he is running Linking it and undertaking it entirely.

He is required to indemnify the Beneficiary Enterprise (representatives, employees and partners) for any damage resulting from his breach of this Agreement.

Any liability of the “Beneficiary” for any matter arising hereunder is limited solely to the price of the Consumer’s order, and expressly waives any claim for any overcompensation.

The non-exercise by the Beneficiary Company of any of its rights under the law or by the present does not in any way amount to waiving of this right.

For any information or information about the terms hereof, please contact the Attorney-at-Law, Accredited Ombudsman, Emmanuel Ant. Emmanouilidis (AM 202 DSE), Postdoctoral Researcher-Fellow Doctor of Law in Thessaloniki, 4th November 3, 3rd floor, PC 58400, Aridaia, tel. +30 2384028400, and Polytechniou 21, 6th floor, PC 54626, Thessaloniki,Greece tel +30 2310650068.