Daily tours to Pella, Edessa & Vergina with Luxurious Taxi Thessaloniki & Guide by Cosmos Travel

Daily Trip Package to Pella, Edessa & Vergina by Taxi – Cosmos Travel

Daily Trip Package to Pella, Edessa & Vergina

Cosmos Travel wanting to satisfy many of our customers who wish to combine sightseeing, in the vicinity of the center of Thessaloniki is organizing daily tours to the archaeological sites of Pella, the Waterfalls of Edessa and the Royal Tombs of Vergina.

The Archaeological site of Pella

Next to the road from Thessaloniki to Pella is the museum and city of ancient Pella, which many believe today, was the capital of the Macedonian Dynasty. Ancient Pella became the capital of the Macedonian state instead of the Aeges (Vergina) by King Arcelaus I of Macedonia or Amyntas III who founded it. Pella met great prosperity during the years of Philip II (father of Alexander the Great) and during Antigonus Gonatas’ reign. As a result of the various excavations that began in 1914, we formed a view of how the city was organized, but also we found various archaeological finds that are now located in the archaeological museum of the city. There was a town plan in ancient Pella with rectangular building blocks and central roads that led to the market and harbor! Characteristic of the ancient city was the dense water supply and sewerage network, fountains, pools and baths existed in many places. There was also featured two-storey houses with an interior courtyard and mosaic floors. The mosaic floorings is what makes Pella unique with the brightest samples of mosaic floors worldwide. The whole city was surrounded by stone walls with a stone base. In the city’s museum are preserved countless finds of the ancient city that reveal the flowering of the Macedonian culture.

Park of the Watefalls in Edessa

Very near to Pella is Edessa and is only 25 km from Aridea. For many archaeologists, Ancient Aigai was next to the city of Edessa, where today is the archaeological site of Edessa. It was founded by the Macedonian King Iraklis Karanos in 813 BC. and was the first capital of the Macedonian Kingdom. Edessa has a great story that played an important role throughout the centuries in all of ancient, Byzantine, Turkish, and modern Greek history. At the center of this historic city there is the Waterfalls Park which offers the visitor relaxation, coolness and at the same time information about its history. In the Waterfalls Park, apart from the big waterfall, the visitor will find the Industrial Museum of Kannavourgeio, the Outdoor Water Museum, the Taste & Water Mills, the Aquarium-Herpetarium that is worth visiting. There are also traditional restaurants and taverns where visitors can enjoy traditional dishes under the dew of the plane trees next to the small artificial water streams. There is also the Folklore and Ethnological Museum of Edessa where we can find all the cultural heritage of the city.

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Macedonian Royal Tombs in Vergina

From Edessa via the provincial road of Edessa, Skydra, Veria, one can reach Vergina in less than an hour. Vergina after the 1977 excavations by Manolis Andronikos bears the seal of the capital of ancient Macedonia and is in the place of the Ancient Aigai. This is proved by the fact that there Andronikos has found the royal tombs of the father of Alexander the Great, Filippos II. Excavations before and after 1977 have found many graves that are works of high Macedonian art and have invaluable value. Many are gold like the famous larnaca with the incinerated remains of Philip II. The symbol of the Macedonian dynasty, the sixteenth sun (or star), is found in several finds, but what impresses is the shrine where the royal gold wreath of oak leaves was found. In the place called “Megali Toumba”, located in the middle of the village, a museum has been formed, where all the finds / graveyards of the tombs are displayed next to the same tombs. There is of course the tomb of King Philip II, the tomb of Prince and the tomb of Persephone. Since 1996, UNESCO has included the archaeological site of Vergina in the World Heritage List.

VIDEOS Pella, Edessa & Vergina

Daily Trip to Pella, Edessa and Vergina

Cosmos Travel wishing to offer you the opportunity to visit Ancient Pella, Edessa and the archaeological site of Vergina in just a day, organizes daily trips and gives you the opportunity to fill yourselves with admiration, knowledge and relaxation! So we start from Thessaloniki in the morning, and by taking the old national road of Thessaloniki to Edessa, we arrive in less than an hour in Pella and its archaeological site. Then, after touring the archaeological site and the museum of Ancient Pella, we start our trip to Edessa, which is less than 20 minutes away. In Edessa at the Waterfalls Park you can enjoy the waterfalls and other attractions and visit one of the restaurants or taverns for food and a bit of rest. Early in the afternoon we continue our journey to Vergina and arrive after a 40-minute ride. There you can visit the tombs of the Macedonian dynasty and the Vergina archaeological museum. Later we take the road back to Thessaloniki and in about an hour we arrive at the point where we picked you up. The average time of this day trip is about 10 to 12 hours. It will be a busy day with both historical and natural attractions that will fill you of the best memories!

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