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Daily Tours to Pella by Thessaloniki Taxi of Cosmos Travel

Daily Tour to Pella

On a hill and one kilometer from the road Thessaloniki to Edessa is Pella, built on the ancient city of Pella, the capital of the Macedonian Dynasty. In front of it lies the Great Plain of central Macedonia. Very close to Ancient Pella is the city of Nea Pella (New Pella) built after 1922 where the first inhabitants arrived after the exchange of populations with Turkey as refugees.

Pella through the centuries

Ancient Pella was founded by King Archelaos I or Amyntas III and became the capital of the Macedonian state instead of the Aeges (Vergina). It remained thriving until it was ravaged by the Romans and all its treasures were transferred to Rome. Its great prosperity was in the days of Philip II (father of Alexander the Great) and the period of Antigonus Gonatas. Xenophon named Pella as the greatest city of Macedonia. During Roman times, Pella was the capital of the third division and seat of the Roman governor. The Ancient Egnatia Odos crossed the Ancient Pella which made it an important station between Dyrracheio and Thessaloniki. Several excavations have been made since 1914 and have brought to light many remarkable findings from the city of Ancient Pella. The old city covers an area of ​​approximately 4,000 acres and is made of rectangular building blocks. There were central roads that led to the harbor and the market. The city had a dense water supply and sewerage network, fountains, tanks, pools and baths. It was surrounded by brick walls with a stone base. There were even two-storey houses with an interior courtyard and mosaic floors that make Pella the place with most and brighter specimens of friable floors worldwide.

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What’s Near Pella?

Within a short distance from Pella, there is Edessa with the Waterfalls Park, the canals and the small rivers that cross it. It is a beautiful city perched on a hill with steep slopes. Very close to the town of Edessa is Lake Vegoritida. Lake Vegoritida is characterized by a rare geophysical relief that will captivate your senses with the magic of colors and images. It is filled with many species of birds and fish and ideal for romantic boats at an altitude of 600m in a place that exudes tranquility! Near the mountain of Voras and at a height of 1200m there is the traditional village of Agios Athanasios. It is a picturesque village, based on Macedonian architecture, and has guest houses, small cobbled streets, taverns and atmospheric cafes. On the slopes of Mount Voras one can seize opportunities for activities such as climbing, touring, archery & horse riding. During the winter months Mount Voras is suitable skiing at the Kaimaktsalan Ski Resort. It is the third largest in height in Greece at an altitude of 2524m. Here you will be amazed by the excellent views, snow activities and snowmobile rides. You can choose from sixteen ski slopes of different difficulty.

Video Pella

Daily Trip with Cosmos Travel to Pella

Cosmos Travel, wishing to offer you the opportunity to visit the beautiful and historic Pella, organizes daily trips and gives you the opportunity to enjoy, learn and admire the history and culture that this amazing destination offers you! So we start from Thessaloniki in the morning, and by taking the old national road of Thessaloniki to Edessa, we pass from Chalkidona and we get to Pella. When we get there, we visit the archaeological site of the ancient city of Pella and the Archaeological Museum. Once you have finished our visit there, we can visit one of the traditional restaurants / taverns either in the modern town of Pella or in Chalkidona on the way back to Thessaloniki. Later we start our return to Thessaloniki to the point where the pick-up took place. The average daily journey time is about 8 to 10 hours. The sure thing is that you will get the most beautiful memories from the ancient capital of the Macedonian Kingdom of Pella.

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