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Daily Tours to Loutra Pozar by Thessaloniki Taxi of Cosmos Travel

Daily Trip to Loutra Pozar by Cosmos Travel

Loutra Pozar: The spa town of Pella in Almopia

Only 13 km west of the city of Aridaia in the prefecture of Pella, there are the mineral springs of Loutra Loutraki or Loutra Pozar (Pozar Baths) near Loutraki of Aridea. The springs spark at 37°C and have a remarkable chemical composition. The baths are spread at the foot of Mount Kaimaktsalan, very close to the Greek-Skopian border. The water that has been spilling over thousands of years has a medicinal effect and is at the same time drinkable. The rainwater that enters the slopes of the surrounding mountains and reaches deep inside the mountains gets into high temperatures, heats up and ascends to higher layers of the subsoil where it is enriched with minerals and other trace elements and ingredients that give it healing properties. So the thermal baths in Loutra Pozar are recommended for diseases of the circulatory and respiratory, gynecological and skin diseases as well as rheumatic diseases. Because water is drinkable, drinking is recommended to help and cure kidney, liver, bile, urinary and digestive disorders. The river crossing the area is called Thermopotamos or with its Slavic name “Toplitsa”. Many guests daily use it for quantity therapy, balneotherapy and naturally stimulating and relaxing. The area is not only known for its thermal baths but also for its natural beauty. The waters of Thermopotamos that for thousands of years have created a fantastic landscape of mountain and forest! Visitors come not only for the thermal qualities of the springs but also to escape to the beautiful mountains with the caves and to enjoy the beautiful natural landscape in general.

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The verdict of the name “Pozar”

The word “Pozar”, which is also the old name of the old Loutraki town, means “burning charcoal” or “after charcoal”. The most likely reason for this old name of Loutraki is that it was built on the stones of the old village that had been burned. From the village begins the path leading to the springs of thermal baths. So these baths took their name from the village’s name and were named “Loutra Pozar”.

Facilities of the Loutra Pozar (Pozar Baths) complex

Around the thermal springs there are bath facilities for years now as well as small spas with swimming pools, hotels, changing rooms, bars and restaurants. All these are organized and offer every possible service to the visitor / bather. The central facilities include two types of baths, small for 3-4 people, “bathtubs” and large ones for up to 20 people, “swimming pools”. In many places there are also underground springs where the hot water spills free into the stream of the small river. There is also a municipal district where the use of water, as a drinking water, is free. In the same facilities there is a large, 25-meter open swimming pool which, in turn, is supplied with hot and cold water from the springs and is suitable for healing, sports and entertainment of all ages.

The Pozar Baths in ancient Greece

During the years of the Macedonian kingdom, Almopia was one of the 17 provinces of the kingdom. Even before the Macedonian period, Almopes, who were the first inhabitants of the area, was said to be a race of Giants who moved to the area during the Copper Age. The Pozar Baths have been an attraction for ancient Macedonian kings and Macedonian generals since ancient times. There they found a place of relaxation and rehabilitation after battles, wars and multi-year campaigns. There are many findings that testify to the use of Baths not only during the time of Alexander the Great but in Roman and Byzantine times. It is believed that a myth says that in order to make the Sharis (spears of the Macedonian Phalange) hard to withstand the battles they had to undergo a specific “cooking” treatment in the warm waters of Pozar Baths.

Pozar Baths: Popular travel destination.

The Pozar Baths (Loutra Pozar) are a very popular travel destination in winter and summer because they are easily accessible from the urban centers of Macedonia, they are a short distance from the Kaimaktsalan ski resort, while in the summer, with the great old-fashioned plane trees, their magnificent natural beauty and their many waters create an oasis of coolness. There are many options for the visitor at any time in the Greater Pozar area. The green valley of Thermopotamos, in a beautiful natural environment, lush vegetation, canyons, imposing mountains, forested rivers, amazing waterfalls, impressive caves, and dense forests. The traveler has innumerable options for outdoor activities. Many of the area’s visitors prefer hiking, rafting, walks and excursions all year round. The Pozar Baths is one of the most popular destinations of nature lovers who can and make there unique getaways in the unspoilt nature and at the same time provide moments of relaxation and rejuvenation in the warm waters of its springs. Take advantage, as many Greeks and foreigners, of this secret of welfare offered by the thermal tourism in Pozar, enjoying the peaceful tranquility, tranquility and the beauty of the nature of Almopia! Throughout the year, there is a wide variety of taverns and restaurants in Loutra Pozar, Loutraki, serving guests with local cuisine and modern dishes. You can try Chanum Bourek (eggplant with eggplant in the oven) and Tsoumbléki (calamari with eggplant roasted in the clay), which are unique and special local tastes. The traditional cuisine in Pozar Loutra will fascinate you one that you can find and enjoy wild boar or deer with plums or apricots as well as a piggy bank on the hull! Tsipouro (margarine distillate) is renowned, local produce and will surely open your appetite.

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Daily Trip with Cosmos Travel in Pozar Baths

Cosmos Travel wishing to offer you the opportunity to visit the beautiful Loutra Pozar organizes day trips and gives you the opportunity to enjoy the spas, the wild beauty, the magic and the luxury of the SPA that offers you this amazing destination! So we start from Thessaloniki in the morning, and by taking the old national road of Thessaloniki – Edessa we pass by Skydra and we go to Loutra Loutraki (Loutra Pozar). When we reach Pozar Baths, we leave you in the area that is formed by the Municipality of Loutraki. Here you can find the large and small thermal pool, various SPA hotels and private hotel pools. Relaxing activities can be enjoyed as well as thermal spas. You can also visit the surrounding area and enjoy the enchanting nature. Once you have finished your tour, we can visit one of the traditional restaurants / taverns in one of the nearby villages to enjoy the local delicacies. Later we start our return to Thessaloniki at the point where the pick-up took place. The average daily journey time is about 8 to 10 hours, it will fill you with energy and will leave you with the best memories of Pozar Baths.

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